Frequently Asked Questions

Yoga is focused on a sequence of postures being held for a short period of time, linked together to create a flowing sequence that can be challenging and offers some fitness benefits. There is also a spiritual side to a yoga practice, sometimes including opening and closing meditation.  Pilates is focused on increasing awareness of how to control movement from one exercise to the next, increasing strength, balance, mobility of the spine and overall health benefits that can be incorporated into every day life and functional movement such as sports.

Training is either 1:1 or as a group session in a class.

If you prefer to train on your own at home or in a gym then this program gives you the flexibility to choose when and how often you train with your own training program.  A monthly coaching program is set on a day/time to suit you and we meet to firstly discuss what you want to achieve from your program, I will set you an exercise program and we will meet each week online to discuss your progress.  

You can choose how often you train with me and match the training package to your budget. We will meet online for a consultation where we will set your goals and achievements for the sessions. I then design a bespoke program for you and we train together on your chosen day and time at a frequency to suit.

This is a program of rehabilitation for common injuries or movement restrictions through Pilates therapy. A program to rehabilitate the joint complex movements through a six week program of release, mobility and Pilates therapy strengthening exercises to reestablish the correct movement pattern and improve movement and posture. Referrals taken from physiotherapists and clinical professionals.

If you have set goals and something you want to achieve then a regular training program will help you achieve this with a personal trainer.  Alternatively, you can choose my Personal Coaching program.

I am currently offering 1:1 training and classes via Zoom.  This ensures that everyone stays safe and well and I hope to be back to face2face training as soon as possible.

All of my sessions are put into packages from as few as 4 to as many as 12 so that you can choose a package to suit your budget. I also offer a drop-in session which is designed as either an add-on or trial session. Without a package a program of exercise cannot be designed in helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

Yes, I currently teach classes online with a drop-in price to keep it simple. You can find my classes under my schedule.

You won’t need any equipment other than some suitable fitness clothing to wear and some space plus a device to connect to Zoom.

I teach both yoga and Pilates and I’m also a Personal Trainer so I have helped many clients change their lifestyle or reach goals.

You don’t need any experience, I teach from beginner through to professional athlete

All of my classes are currently online via Zoom, take a look at my schedule to find something that suits you.

I am qualified to teach all ages but if you are under 18 you will need to contact me before attending your first session.