New Dawn Wellbeing 1 to 1 Personal Training

1:1 Training

New Dawn Wellbeing Pre & Postnatal

Are you struggling to stay committed and focused on your goals? Want to make positive changes to your lifestyle, whether it’s to gain or re-gain fitness, move better, improve strength, flexibility, mobility or balance, body confidence or lose weight but need help achieving this?


1:1 training will offer you a suitable bespoke exercise and/or nutrition program taken weekly with your trainer via a live online session plus a home practice for you to complete every day on your own.


I take a pragmatic approach to training my clients and I ask that my clients are 100% ready for change before we start. Added to this is the benefit of a weekly home practice for all of my clients, without this we can only hope for your results!


Light-heartedness and a huge element of fun will be injected into every session, without exception, to keep you motivated and invested in your own program. Every session is personalised to you and your goals and supported with my own personalised app.


I train all levels from zero to hero so don’t worry if you have never trained 1:1 before, I will be your guide and my expertise will ensure your program is appropriate for you.

1:1 live personal training to meet your specific requirements and goals.