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Personal Training

Personal training

Personal training is for anyone looking to make positive changes to their lifestyle, whether it’s to get fitter, move better, gain strength, flexibility, mobility or balance but need help achieving this through coaching and a suitable exercise program. With a variety of personal training packages there is something for every pocket, every age and ability.

I offer all new clients a free 30min consultation where we will discuss what you want to achieve from your training sessions and how we will get you there. You agree your own goals and I assist with making them specific and achievable depending on what you want to achieve in what timescale.

I take a pragmatic approach to training my clients and I ask that my clients are ready for change before we start. Added to this is the benefit of a weekly home practice for all of my clients, without this we can only hope for half the results!

Light-heartedness and a huge element of fun will be injected into every session without exception to keep you motivated and invested in your own program and every session is personalised to you and your goals.

You do not need any experience as I train all levels of client from zero to hero. With 29 years fitness industry experience I have trained complete beginners to professional sportsmen at England level.

Sessions are flexible to fit around your own lifestyle and circumstances and I support all of my clients via What’s App to ensure that they don’t give up at the first hurdle, it’s very often a simple adjustment or a few words of encouragement to get them restarted again.

If you are interested in book a Personal Coaching program please get in touch using the link below to contact me via WhatsApp or you can use the alternative contact methods found on my contact page.

Personal training tailored to your specific needs and requirements to help you reach your goals.