New Dawn Wellbeing Yoga Class Online

Yoga Class

Advanced Pilates Teacher and Teacher Trainer
A 40 minute class for all levels, no matter your experience in exploring yoga, including those just starting out. This class works well as a complimentary option to any current training program you may have or for those who simply enjoy a yoga class.

I will guide you through a simple opening meditation, followed by a series of postures to enhance your fitness as we move from posture to posture to create heat and explore how each individual posture feels and presents itself to our own bodies, no matter what it is or is not capable of today. Closing the practice with a reset and go focus. Breathing is an important part of any practice so this will be taught and encouraged throughout the class and options to simply hit the ‘home button’ and do less if you feel you need to, it’s your practice after all and you turned up for yourself not anyone else.

My yoga class is an online option at a very reasonable price of just £5 per class and an easy to book button below that will take you to payment and a zoom link in confirmation email

Classes for all ages, abilities and experience